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Historical Books and Pamphlets are now Available for Purchase from the BMFA !! The Bullard Book Series and the Bullard Pamphlet Series have all been written or edited by Jack Kingsbury, a noted author on a variety of subjects. He has tracked the genealogy of over 14,000 Bullards. Few families have the depth of their family history that we have which also includes the early history of New England and parts west. 

The Bullard Books Series

1) BULLARD FAMILY PAPERS A Descriptive Catalog of The Bullard Manuscript Collection at the Old Sturbridge Village Research Library, processed by Daphne T. Stevens; 351 pp. This book of 43 series includes a biographical sketch of the Bullards, Scope and Content, Summary Genealogies and an index. Each Series, usually about a person, starts with deeds (1701- 1853). Inside you will find information by and about all the people including correspondence, diaries, business and legal papers, estate matters, childhood papers and other assorted papers. 

2) THE BULLARD COLONIAL FARM LIBRARY catalogued by Florence and Alvan Bullard, newspapers by Martha DeWolf; 151 pp.Lists the books and periodicals primarily owned by The Bullard family and Dr. James Hovey Sargent whose daughter married a Bullard.  The books are listed by author, by subject where there is no author, alphabetically, and by date that run from 1702- 1927. The newspapers and magazines are listed alphabetically.

3) RECOLLECTIONS AND REMINISCENCES of the Last Generation to Grow Up at the Bullard Colonial Farm. Enlarged, indexed, and annotated by John M. Kingsbury. 199 pp.are historically valuable depicting the family and the events that occurred during their lifetimes. Included are a letter written to a wife about the Revolutionary War from her soldier husband. Another is a recollection how the family learned of President Lincoln's death. There are a series of letters written about the Civil War by a soldier who fought in the South for the North. Dr.Sargent whose life is in this book was head of Fort Independence in Boston. Life on a farm is well represented with humor, remorse, work descriptions and fun.

4) BULLARDS OF THE BULLARD COLONIAL FARM  VOL. I.  THE ANCESTRY OF TITUS AND ESTHER WHITING BULLARD.  John M. Kingsbury, 364 pp. The Bullard Farm and Association have their beginnings in the marriage of Titus and Esther Whiting Bullard.  As set forth in Volume I, all the ancestral lines, male and female, of both Esther Whiting Bullard and Titus Bullard can be followed back unbroken for at least five generations and a number of these lines can be followed back yet further in England, unbroken, for several more generations, some to the early 1500s and even earlier.  Altogether, these known Bullard ancestral lines include well over 350 named individuals directly connected by blood and marriage.  With this volume (II), the descendants of Titus and Esther now add another eight generations and about 665 persons to that base, which triples the number of connected Bullards.  This is an exceptional record. 

5) BULLARDS OF THE BULLARD COLONIAL FARM  VOL. II.  THE DESCENDANTS OF TITUS AND ESTHER WHITING BULLARD. 240 pp. Titus and Esther Whiting Bullard had five children, three girls and two boys.  The lives and fortunes of these children and all of their descendants are followed down to the year of publication of Volume II (2009).  

The Bullard Pamphlet Series 

1) An Introduction to the Bullard Memorial Farm 
Today, over three and a half centuries since Benjamin Bullard first settled this land, the farm with its rich store of preserved artifacts and records not only represents continuous occupation by a single family since early colonial times, but also provides a detailed look into agricultural pratices, social customs, and rural life of English speaking northeast America since its beginnings. 

2) Hanged as a Salem Witch in 1692 or Pinioned in the Plymouth Stocks in 1640    
​This exploration of the early Bullards involves a rich and exciting story of the Salem witch trials. 

3) The Old Burial Ground and the Mt. Auburn Cemetery both of Watertown.  
A  fascinating story that includes Bullard burials since 1639. 

4) Bullard Homesteads 1634 - Present Capt. Robert Keayne and his Grant.  
An experience that digs deeply into the locations in the Massachusetts Bay Colony where early Bullards settled and how it all came about. 

5) Why Did the Bullard Brothers Cross the Atlantic?   Bullard and Morse Families      
Come meet the people in England who started it all.   

6) Rural Intermarriages in Colonial Massachusetts   Bullards and Kingsburys             
A scholary exploration of the early Bullards focuses on  the structure of a complex social and genetic web spanning eight generations and two centuries.  

7) Sir William Phipps ( A Bullard Ancestor and Cousin)                                                    
Follow along on a story that begins in primitive coastal Maine, and proceeds through Boston and London. This pamphlet includes the discovery of a vast treasure in the Carribean, the knighting of Sir William Phipps, his appointment as Govenor of the Colony, and the failure of any Bullard to inherit any part of his fortune. 

8) The Elusive Elijah, a Detective Story                                                                                
An exploration of the early Bullards exemplifies just how much penetrating genealogical research may be involved to answer a simple question.

9) Crossing the North Atlantic in the 1630s                                                                           
​Join us in a journey that draws us into the dangers that the couragous pioneers faced in their desire to move to a new land, involving two months aboard the Arabella, the first vessel of the Puritan fleet to cross from the Isles of Scilly to the Isles of Shoals

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