Bullard Memorial Farm Association

7 Bullard Lane, Holliston, MA 01746 

John Anson Bullard challenged the members of the BMFA to care for and preserve the Bullard Farm. It is our responsibility to continue this charge. The House Rules were formed to assure that all Members of the BMFA may responsibly enjoy the wonder that is the Bullard Farm.

​1. Smoking and the burning of candles are strictly prohibited in any of the buildings.

2. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the front parlors, attic, museum, black smith shop, cider house, and library unless attended by a member.

3. The laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts apply to residents of the Farm and met be observed. (Note: The drinking age for alcoholic beverages in MA is 21; illegal drugs are prohibited.)

4. One person or a couple in each reservation party shall be named on the reservation confirmation as accepting financial responsibility for the actions of the rest of the party, as well as their own.

5. Members are responsible for the reporting of any damage caused by themselves or their guests. Members shall list any damage on the checkout form, which is sent to the House Committee.

6. The number of adults allowed to sleep in the house is ten.

7. Members are permitted to bring pets to the Farm. Pets are allowed in the kitchens, barn, and outside. Members must clean up after pets and are responsible for any damage caused by their pets.

8. Only at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are groups larger than 15 persons allowed to eat in the house. Larger groups are encouraged to eat in the barn.

9. Food is not permitted in the front parlors or upstairs.

10. Dancing is not permitted in the house. It is permitted in the barn.

11. The Farm Managers will provide a key for the attic when asked. The keys for the outbuildings are hanging next to the kitchen door. 

12. For long distance phone calls made from the Bullard Farm phone, a $2 handling charge will be added to the phone charges, which will be sent to you.

13. Parking is allowed next to the vinegar house, and on the field when conditions permit.

14. Any member found to be in violation of these House Rules may be denied the privilege of using the Farm by the Board of Directors.


1. Gold Members in good standing over the age of 22 may reserve the Farm on a first come, first served basis, up to a year in advance. Exceptions, to meet special needs, may be made by the House Committee.  

2. Members are allowed to have guests, but guests are not allowed to be at the Farm in the absence of a member. 

3. Members wishing to visit the Farm for a day or less without an overnight stay, should contact the Farm Managers to be sure that the Farm is available. There will be no fee for this casual visit.

4. Reservations and visits will not be accepted for Wednesday through Saturday of the week before the spring or fall association meeting.

5. Members in good standing may reserve the Farm for the night after either meeting, at which time the house may be shared by members up to its capacity of ten

6. From May 1st - October 31st, the reservation fee is $50 per day for an overnight stay, and $30 for a day visit. From November 1st - April 30th, the reservation fee is $80 per day for an overnight stay, and $50 for a day visit.

7. The reservation fee for larger parties are as follows:

25-50 people        $150

51-100 people      $300

101-200 people     $600 

Groups larger than 200 must get permission from the House Committee and the majority of the Directors, three months prior to the event. Members must provide a portable toilet for every 50 people at the event.

House Rules of operation

Amended October 4, 2009