House Committee

The House Committee is responsible for reviewing, supervising, and making recommendations to the Directors concerning general maintenance of the interior of all buildings and furnishings. It also arranges for picnics, as well as refreshments, at annual meetings. The House Committee coordinates reservations for BMFA Silver and Gold members.


Old fashioned style lamps in working order

A set of silverware

Plug in flashlights

Basic pots and pans

Braided rugs

If you'd like to donate any of these items, or if you'd like to make a reservation, please contact the House Committee Chairperson at:

Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee is responsible for assessing, supervising, and making recommendations to the Directors concerning general maintenance, development, and use of all grounds, plantings, forestry, farm, and natural area lands belonging to the Association and shall arrange for memorial, landscaping, and other special plantings as needed and approved by the Directors.

The Grounds Committee will work with the Caretakers to arrange membership work days on an as-needed basis.

If you have questions for the Grounds Committee, please contact:

Joe Kingsbury, Chairperson:

Artifacts and Collections Committee

The Artifacts and Collections Committee works to identify and record historical and archaeological resources at the Bullard Memorial Farm. The committee has created an electronic inventory (database) of the objects/artifacts of the Bullard Memorial Farm, which includes but is not limited to items such as textiles and clothing, furniture and furnishings, tools and farming implements, books and papers, ephemera, art, household objects.

The Committee also works towards the goal of developing plans for the restoration, preservation, display (as appropriate) and use for each building, item, object and/or historic artifact and building.

If you have questions for the Artifacts and Collections Committee, please contact:

Suzanne McFarland, Chairperson:

Educational Programming Committee

The Educational Programming Committee works to host events at the Farm for members and the public which align with the Bullard Memorial Farm Association's mission.  

For Programming feedback or questions, please contact:

Tara Hathaway, Chairperson:

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for working with the Investment Manager (Cerity) in overseeing the BMFA endowment.

If you have any questions for the Investment Committee, please contact:

George Bollenbacher, Chairperson: